We won!

So, my buddy Reed and I participated in National Novel Writing Month this year, and we won! Which is to say: we came up with a rough draft of our latest dream in novel form…just over 50,000 words.

Working with a partner and starting before November are definitely against the rules, but we’re hardcore rebels that way. Also, the winner’s badge really belongs to Reed, since he probably wrote about 80% of what we came up with. I’m super impressed by all the work he did and stoked that we got it done. Fun times!

Oh yeah, we’ve tentatively titled it :: Meta Pneuma – The Search for the Necronomicon.

Welcome to Jumpstart Junction!

Yesterday at Antioch we launched Jumpstart Junction: a new kids drama series created by Megan Griffith and I. It takes place in a train station…a train station that serves as a stopover for such remote destinations as the North Pole, Middle Earth, and Narnia!

Inhabiting this world are five characters: The Conductor, his grandson Rev, Mrs. Baker (who runs the station cafe), her daughter Clover, and an eccentric multi-world traveler named Peregrin Bartholomew Trotter (Perry for short!). Yesterday the characters were realized by: Mike Caba as the Conductor, Jasper Gerhardt as Rev, Alex Hardin as Perry, Abbey Stevens as Clover, and Megan as Mrs. Baker. It was SO MUCH FUN!

Megan and I plan to ultimately put on a short Jumpstart Junction play once every month. Our heroines’ and heroes’ next adventure will be performed at Jingle Jam on December 5th. More details about that later…

I’m excited to see where the series takes us! Congrats Megan Griffith on a successful first show!

Here’s a sneak peak at the unfinished intro music:

Jumpstart Junction Bumper – Draft One