Rules To Be Awesome


A friend of mine posted these on facebook and I had to blog them…

1. Never turn around if there is an explosion behind you.

2. Always save the kid.

3. When either putting on our taking off your sunglasses say something witty or dramatic.

4. Always put down your weapon to save the persons life that is in danger.

5. Always have a backup weapon duct taped to your body or hidden in your boot.

6. Always wear boots.

7. The woman you are with is either in trouble, running away from trouble, or is trouble.

8. Don’t have a beard or be clean shaven.

9. If you do have a beard it is only after you quit and you’re not coming back.

10. Only shave your beard after they drag you back in after you quit.

11. Always hang out with a sassy ethnic stereotype they will save your life some day.

12. If ever shot have someone with no or limited medical background (hopefully female) take out the bullet

13. Taking out the bullet will fix any problem.

14. Pouring whiskey on wounds will heal them immediately.

15. The guy you trust the most will be the one that wants you dead.

16. Grenades work best if you pull the pin with your teeth.

17. Strategy is best talked about behind a barrier while being shot at.



These are lyrics from a song I wrote that I’ll be singing in church this Sunday. It was actually inspired years ago by the song “Blow Gabriel Blow,” by Cole Porter. Not that it’s going to sound ANYTHING like that one ;)

It’s my attempt at a bluesy classic rock song. I decided to finish it because I thought it’d be a perfect fit on the first Sunday of Paradox – A Series on Faith that Antioch is doing. Can’t wait to listen to poetry, watch someone paint onstage, continue the conversation in small groups, and all kinds of other good stuff next month!

Vs. 1
There’s a long trail of tears behind me
And a longer trail of blood ahead
Still I’ll follow that pillar of fire
My father and his heavenly host haven’t failed me yet

Vs. 2
I’m not swayed by rumors of giants
Or the thunder in the valley of doubt
So I’ll lay my sword behind me
The wind of worship blow ol’ Jericho down at the trumpet sound

Gabriel blow on your trumpet
So the Lord can take me home
I have wandered in the desert
Looking for Zion far too long
And I’m wading in the Jordan
Tell my enemies in Jericho
Put that trumpet to your lips
Gabriel blow

Vs. 3
My demons sound like crickets at twilight
Death can hollow out the heart of a man
I believe but I’m afraid of dying
Maybe dying in the promised land isn’t all that bad

Vs. 4
Still I tremble at the traitor inside me
I want more than the honey and milk
Lock my steps to that pillar of fire
No use looking for a greater gift than my father’s will

Great Gatsby + Jay Z + Baz Luhrman = AMAZING.


The soundtrack from Baz Luhrman’s new retelling of The Great Gatsby is one of the coolest albums I’ve listened to in a while. Jay Z somehow fuses hip hop and 20s jazz…it’s amazing. Standout tracks are Jack White’s “Love Is Blindness,” the fun dixieland Bryan Ferry Band tracks “Crazy in Love” (no I’m not joking) and “Love Is the Drug,” Gotye’s “Heart’s a Mess,” Coco O.’s “Where the Wind Blows,” and “Kill and Run” by Sia.